Moving Home with Dumfries Self Storage

On the Move? Removal Service in Dumfries

Katy Coltart - 24th April 2017

Think moving house has to be stressful? At Heathhall Business Centre we’ve got you covered. Take the pressure off by renting a personal storage unit or simply let us take care of the removals. We offer a comprehensive removal service in Dumfries and if you prefer to do it yourself, we’ll put you in touch…

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Rent Office Space In Dumfries At Heathhall

High Speed Broadband and Your Office

Katy Coltart -

At Heathhall Business Centre we are committed to providing the space and resources that our tenants need to flourish. That’s why this month we’ve rolled out high speed broadband across the estate. If you’re looking for office space to rent in Dumfries, our commercial spaces are better equipped than ever. Traditional vs. High Speed Broadband…

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retail units in dumfries

The Next Step for Your Retail Business in Dumfries

Simon Hodgson - 11th April 2017

With shoppers moving away from congested city centres in favour of out of town retail parks and online stores, our retail units offer the perfect environment for your enterprise to thrive. Strategically placed within our most traffic-heavy areas, we have a selection of unbranded retail units to suit your business; whether you are a startup,…

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workshops in dumfries

Benefits of Working in a Communal Space

Simon Hodgson - 4th April 2017

Flexibility and choice are imperative when it comes to finding the perfect workshop space to rent in Dumfries. Here at Heathhall Business Centre, we are committed to providing the support businesses need to grow and develop, from start-ups to established companies. As business owners, we understand the importance of flexibility. That’s why all of our…

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