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HALO Trust Choose Heathhall Business Centre

Landing Mine Clearing By The Halo Trust


When HALO Trust needed a new base in Dumfries we were delighted to be able to offer them two of our newly refurbished industrial units for their use.

The benefits of a dedicated yard space, our new high-speed internet service and close proximity to their existing operation and UK motorway network were deciding factors in choosing Heathhall Business Centre.

The HALO Trust are the largest humanitarian demining organisation in the world operating in 15 countries and 4 territories. Heathhall Business Centre is very proud to be able to support the Trust to deliver their goal of a landmine free world by 2025.

About The HALO Trust

Who they are

The trust was launched in 1988 in a bid to help the Afghan people following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the region.

HALO employs 7500 staff in 19 countries, with their company headquarters based in Dumfries, Scotland and the US office in Washington, DC.

What they do

Operating on a global scale, the Halo trust works with local people to rebuild communities which have been destroyed by conflict.

The HALO Trust supports vulnerable communities whose lives and homes are threatened by the debris of war. Their work involves the removal of landmines, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other residual weapons like cluster bombs and stockpiles of small arms from homes and land.

Not only has the Trust saved lives but their work has allowed thousands of people to return to their homes and begin rebuilding their lives after war. By demining valuable land, local people are able to re-cultivate farmland and accommodate new enterprises.

Although their main focus is clearing mined land and removing weapons of war, the trust now also help governments to manage stockpiles of weapons and dispose of ammunition.

Royal Support for Landmine Free 2025

Following in the footsteps of his mother, whose media presence helped raise awareness of the global landmine crisis over two decades ago, HRH Prince Harry launched the Landmine Free 2025 campaign on April 4th 2017.

With adequate financial support, the HALO Trust and MAG (Mines Advisory Group) have the capacity to secure the global eradication of landmines by 2025.

Community Regeneration in Rural Afghanistan

The Afghan province of Herat has one of the county’s highest food scarcities, with families struggling to sustain themselves on the little workable farmland they have or forced to risk their lives by farming mined land. It’s just one of the places where HALO’s work has transformed the lives of local people affected by war.

Economic Opportunities for the People of Sarai Naw

Soviet occupiers and Afghan resistance both built military bases near the village of Sarai Naw in the 1980s. Since then, landmines have made that area a difficult place to live.

Thanks to the work of The Halo Trust, nearly 2.5 hectares of land near the village is now mine free. The land is now being used for agriculture, to house a new road and has become the site of local man Zafar Ali’s new brick production enterprise.

Zafar Ali was able to build a brick oven on the previously dangerous land, enabling him to earn an income and support the local economy. As a result, he has built a basic house and improved the quality of life of both his own family and many others in the local area who now have access to employment and raw materials to rebuild their homes.

For more about how the amazing work by HALO has benefited communities globally, visit their Impact Stories page.

You can support The HALO Trust by fundraising, donating or volunteering as they continue to help rebuild the lives of those affected by conflict across the world.

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