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Life Saving Device For Heathhall Business Centre

Life Saving Defibrillator Heathhall

More commonly known as a defibrillator, an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) has the potential to save a life.

The statistics for the placement of an AED in the workplace speak for themselves, but how many people actually know how they work and would know how to use one if the occasion arose?

A Potentially Life Saving Device

Business Owner, Richie Nicoll, from Dumfries business Galloglas Security and Logistics Ltd has shared the cost of a lifesaving defibrillator, to be installed at one of Dumfries’ main industrial estates – Heathhall Business Centre.

Richie said: “I read a report recently about the number of heart related deaths that could have been prevented with the use of an AED. I approached the business park owner to ask if he’d be interested in purchasing one jointly and he agreed. It will be on the outside wall of the main reception building at Heathhall Business Centre so it’s easily accessible should the need ever arise”

Put simply, an AED analyses the heart rhythm of the person in cardiac arrest using sticky pads with electrode sensors and sends the results to an on-board computer, which determines whether an electric shock is needed. If necessary, the electrodes then deliver the shock.

Defibrillator Training For Staff And Tenants of Heathhall

Richie has also offered to run sessions alongside his Medical Training Partner Julian Woodall from Medic Services International, to show tenants and staff at Heathhall Business Centre how to use the device. All for an admin fee of just £5 to cover the cost of a certificate and registration.

He added: “It’s all well and good placing the device, but useless if no one knows how to use it. I hope we can get everyone trained to a level of competency that if there is an emergency, we will all be confident enough to use the device.”

Richie’s business GalloGlas Security and Logistics Ltd. provides security, training and logistical support to help businesses look after their people. The Dumfries based company offers a range of specialist training courses, vehicle telematics and personal travel management systems, all managed from their new custom unit at Heathhall:

“More and more communities are purchasing defibrillators because the statistics say they definitely improve the chance of survival if you have a cardiac arrest. It makes complete sense to have one at the business park. The place is getting bigger all the time and the number of employees growing.

The good thing about most AEDs is that if you can work one, you can work them all, so anyone being trained on the estate will have the potential to save a life anywhere they go. If we save just one life, it’s been worth it”

If you work on the Heathhall Industrial Estate and would like to find out more about the lifesaving AED training, contact Galloglas on 01387 257807

"Service rating : Friendly helpful staff, very easy to deal with, understood our needs, gave excellent advice & encouragement to keep going.
Product : Exactly the size we needed, even though we didnt have a clue what size. The staff talked to us and recommended the size. Very easy to access, simple instructions on how to access, spotlessly clean."

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