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Professional organiser Mel Carruthers owns the south of Scotland’s only professional decluttering and organising company, More Organised, based in Dumfries. As a member of industry body APDO (the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers), Mel is trained, insured and ready to help you declutter your stuff! Here she shares some tips on decluttering and explains how using self-storage can help you find more room and peace of mind in your home.

How would you describe your home? A serene, organised dwelling to welcome you home at the end of a hard day at work? Or a cluttered storage space full of goodness-knows-what that you haven’t had a good look through for years?

What Is “Decluttering”

Decluttering is having a bit of a moment, but it shouldn’t be seen as a mere trend. No matter what size your home, a regular declutter can help you find the space and serenity that you deserve. A good starting point is to decide the purpose of each room in your home, and then methodically review each item, room-by-room to edit out any items that don’t help you fulfil that purpose. Don’t forget the attic and garage! Set up a box for each destination and place each item into the right box as you make your decisions. For example, you might want to move the item to another room, sell it, donate it, recycle or throw it away.

If you are struggling to decide what to do with your edited belongings, or you just can’t face parting with something quite yet, self-storage might help. Consider self-storage as a half-way house for your unwanted stuff, setting a finite period of time to reassess whether you need to bring the items back into your home. If you find that you haven’t missed them, at the end of your self-storage contract decide whether to sell, donate, recycle or trash.

How Self-Storage Can Help

Self-storage is also the perfect solution when you are moving home. Staging your house for sale will help you get a higher price for your property, as well as kick-starting your packing. Put into storage any personal items, heavier pieces of furniture, bold artwork and hobby equipment, in order to depersonalise your house and show prospective buyers just how much space and light the property has. People viewing the house will be better able to see themselves in the property and picture it with their belongings and lifestyle taking centre stage.

A third way to use self-storage is for seasonal items. Many homes lack adequate storage, so by storing seasonal items off-site in a self-storage facility, your Christmas decorations, seasonal sports equipment, luggage and other bulky items will be readily accessible when you need them, without them cluttering up your living space.


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