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Quality Assured at Dumfries Self Storage

Katy Coltart - 28th November 2019

Not all self storage businesses are the same.  Here at Dumfries Self Storage, we’re members of the Self Storage Association UK, which means we’ve been approved by THE self storage industry body in Europe. What does this mean for you? You’re assured of quality,  and rigorous assessment of our facilities. There are a number of…

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Meet the Tenant – UniGreenScheme

Katy Coltart - 4th November 2019

Meet Nenad Denkov. Nenad is the Scotland Business Manager for UniGreenScheme – the asset resale service for universities. UniGreenScheme’s mission is very simple. They want to help UK universities reduce waste, consume resources sustainably, and enable research organisations to thrive in an increasingly resource-constrained world. Heathhall branch serving Scotland The Dumfries branch of UniGreenScheme was established to…

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