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Galloglas Introduces EcoClean

EcoClean is D&G’s only 100% eco-friendly cleaning company, based at Heathhall Business Centre. In line with the Council’s Carbon Management Plan, they are working with the council towards the vision of a Zero Waste Scotland. Contributing to the GHG reduction target set at 43% by 2020 (and 80% by 2050).

How are we doing this?

At EcoClean, they choose the cleaning products carefully. Not only must it be biodegradable, non-toxic, anti-allergic, vegan (if possible) and pet friendly; the bottles must also be made from recycled (ocean) plastic. Waste reduction for our council and preventing local plastic pollution is of major importance to everyone in the organisation. Further reduction of waste at EcoClean is done by reusing all microfibre cloths, without compromising high hygiene standards and the Home Office’s Health and Safety regulations.

EcoClean is eager to contribute to a carbon-neutral Dumfries & Galloway, by saving emissions through their work vehicle ‘Lizzie’, an electric car, that can drive up to 50 miles until recharge.

Moreover, Galloglas are keen to use local cleaning products but have so far stocked up on English and Scottish products, also cutting transportation emissions. In the near future, they would like to expand their fleet with electric bicycles for local services and vans for remote ones.

Additional Services

Galloglas provides a service to disinfect (from COVID-19, MRSA, E-coli, etc.) vehicles,  offices, public spaces, private rentals, etc. with a specialised fogging machine, that uses water and chemicals which are harmless to the environment. Additionally, UV light sterilisation and a deep clean of the space ensures a safe work and living environment.

Their work doesn’t stop here though: GalloGlas has years of experience in both, security and logistics, and provides excellent expertise on making workspaces safe to return after lockdown. Giving employers and employees peace of mind. Applications can range from simple installations of sneeze guards to high-tech door-entry mechanisms with hand-disinfectant.

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