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6 Top Tips for happy caravanning!

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Caravanning has become increasingly popular throughout the UK over the last couple of decades, chilled weekends away, staying at the seaside, the freedom to get back in touch with nature! However, keeping your caravan at home can take up space and requires you to have the right kind of transport to tow your second home to each destination.

Storage Solution

There is a solution; caravan storage is widely available across the country to keep your caravan until you need it, check at your regular campsites to see if they can offer on-site storage too. Here at Heathhall Business Centre, we are CASSOA members and can offer caravan storage to suit you. 

Get Organised

We all know that it takes twice the amount of planning and preparing to get packed up and ready to go camping and caravanning. Most holidays you only have to pack a suitcase, and then you are off, caravaning requires packing a bag, food, drinks, gas and more! Remembering everything you need for your holiday to your home on wheels can be a little overwhelming, so here are 6 top tips to help you keep organised!

1. Start a list
Try writing a list of all the types and quantities of clothing you’ll need for your trip, no matter what time of year you go it will always get cold at night, and there’s always a chance of rain so make sure you pack a raincoat, wellies and an extra jumper!

2. Toiletries
When packing your toiletries think about how long you’re going for, if it’s just a weekend away you may only need travel-size products- this will save a lot of space.

3. Awnings
If you’re the type of camper who loves having that extra space, awnings are perfect. They provide an additional area to change shoes and hang coats without taking any mess inside whilst keeping them dry. You can even buy breathable awning carpets to add a bit of luxury and a little less mud to your trip!

4. Food and Drinks
Families have favourite meals they like to have while at home, so when going away, why not pack lightly on the food front and see what shops have to offer when you get there. Try something new like using a BBQ, cooking outdoors with different ingredients, and it could kick start a new family favourite.

5. Gas
To be able to heat and cook in your caravan, we all know you need is gas! Once you’re a caravaning pro, you learn how much gas you use in a day in different seasons. Learning and understanding your gas use can save you money and the panic of running out. Taking an extra bottle can’t hurt to be on the safe side!

6. Storage
Many people have items that are used only for camping such as sleeping bags, specific towels, plastic plates and utensils or even larger items such as outdoor chairs and fold-up tables, why not store them inside your caravan? Keep everything you need, where you need it and save space in the car!

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