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Why all pet owners should know a Vet Physiotherapist

Caledonian VetPhys - Heathhall Business Centre

Currently, it isn’t typical for Veterinary practices to have in-house physiotherapists on hand. Many vets who specialise in physiotherapy and animal rehabilitation have private practices, working from referrals from local vet practices when they think it is the next course of treatment for their patient.

Physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists in the veterinary sector have a specific set of skills and treatment courses to ensure the best possible result for every patient!

These specialists can help with several problems your pet may have, such as:

  • Pain Control – This is probably the number one reason for vet physiotherapy, whether it be post-surgery, soft tissue injuries or arthritis; this course of treatment can reduce the need for oral medication.
  • Degenerative Conditions – All of our pets get older and start to get sore joints, hips etc., often these conditions are chronic. Seeing a vet physio can improve mobility, strength and functionality, therefore, slowing down the degeneration process.
  • Sporting animals – Owners of animals who are in the competitive and sporting sector often seek treatment from physiotherapists to keep them in peak condition, supporting them through their season, looking out for early signs of sporting injuries and treating them when they occur.
  • Client Service – Many clients who take their pets for physiotherapy or hydrotherapy services can see the difference it makes within their pet. Many then continue with the course of treatment once their original treatment plan finishes. These treatments can ease any minor aches and pains your pet may be feeling.

Knowing when your pet is in pain can be challenging for all owners, animals rarely show signs of discomfort or pain unless it is severe, this is why these treatments can make a difference to each and every animal’s life!

Finding someone local can be a challenge, at Heathall Business centre we are lucky to have Caledonia VetPhys on site as one of our tenants. The lovely Fiona provides a range of treatments and services to help your pets. She is a member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) and IRVAP; she is also registered with Animal Health Professions’ Register (AHPR).

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