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Running Your Business During The Festive Season

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When you’re a business owner and Christmas is right around the corner, there’s a lot to think about. When you’re an employee, all you need to know is what days you’re off, and that’s you sorted- if only it were that simple when owning the business. Being the owner brings responsibilities and a list of jobs to get done; this can make an already stressful time ten times worse! We have devised a checklist to make sure you get sorted out before the holidays to make your festive period merry and bright!

1. Opening Hours

The biggest decision of them all! You have to decide if/or when you’re going to be closed. If you’re closing over the holidays, make sure you tell your customers well in advance. However, if you are planning on staying open, make sure you still get one or two days to relax- Christmas is a time for everyone to switch off, even if it is just for a day!

2. The Employees

If you have the type of business with a group or even one or two staff members, it’s best to get them sorted first. Once you’ve decided your opening times, let your staff know, they’ll need to make plans and get organised too. If you’re staying open, talking to your team about sharing the hours fairly will make them much happier at work- even suggest wearing Christmas jumpers to lift the spirits.

3. Your Premises

Christmas is the perfect time to deep clean your workspace, tidying up can make it feel like you’re closing the book at the end of a good chapter! Double-check all your locks, safes and essential paperwork- you wouldn’t want anything to happen to these! Lucky for those who have storage with us, this isn’t something you have to worry about!

4. The Paperwork

Try not to leave any loose ends- read all your emails up to the day of closing and reply to them all, if you don’t it will just be at the back of your mind constantly! Pick a day during the holidays to sit and make sure there’s nothing urgent happening or see if you can catch up on anything that’s been pushed aside, doing this whilst closed or quiet takes the stress out of it! If you do need document storage, Dumfries Self Storage can certainly help with secure, warm, dry units. Perfect for storing these important documents you can’t get rid off.

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