A splash of colour has appeared at Heathhall Business Centre. New tenant company, Customised Powder Coating is now based in Unit 9 and it specialises in the coating of alloys, steel rims, automative and other metal parts.

Where it all began

The company was formed by welder, Cameron Maddison who started the business after his employer ceased trading in 2017. Having previously worked in the manufacturing and car industry, Customised Powder Coating is proving to be a great opportunity for Cameron to offer his professional coating services to vehicle owners.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the process, powder coating is a dry finishing method which can be used as an alternative to wet paint appliance on metal surfaces. A coloured powder mix is sprayed onto the surface, but it remains dry until the coating is heat treated. At this point the powder turns to liquid and forms a gel over the metal surface.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is popular because it gives a higher quality and a more durable finish. In other words, it looks more attractive; lasts longer and it offers superior resistance to chipping, chemicals and moisture. As an added bonus, it comes with far fewer chemicals than traditional paint hence powder coating is considered to be much kinder to the environment. No surprise then, that it has become so popular as a way to brighten up and protect alloys and other vehicle parts. With a wide range of colours, and a choice between a matt and candy (sparkly) finish, it is easy to find the right one for you.

Heathhall Business Centre is an ideal spot for Cameron to base his operations. Having outgrown his working premises twice in a six-month period, he believes that Heathhall offers him the facility to grow his business within a well serviced and expanding estate. There is ample working space inside his unit and the outside area gives him the chance to show off his wares.
A look on Cameron’s business Facebook page highlights a long list of happy customers who are quick to recommend him. In a short time, Customised Powder Coating has developed a reputation for excellent service and first-class work – all at affordable prices.

And if you love the look of Cameron’s work – but you’re just not that into cars – bear in mind that powder coating can be used on other metal surfaces. So, if you want an eye-catching garden seat, or a sparkly purple gate, then look no further. You might need to join the waiting list though. Cameron is already well booked up in advance. For this business, the future is definitely looking bright!

Are you in need of Powder Coating?

If you have something that needs the magical touch of Customised Powder Coating, then contact Cameron on his Facebook page or call him on 07384 647274