GalloGlas Security and Logistics Ltd. provides security, training and logistical support to help businesses look after their people.

A natural progression for ex-military man and entrepreneur, Richie Nicoll, the Dumfries based company offers a range of specialist training courses, vehicle telematics and personal travel management systems. All managed from their new custom unit at Heathhall.

Choosing Heathhall

“Dumfries is bang in the middle of the UK and close enough to the motorway for everybody. There are great broadband speeds as part of the package and the team at Heathhall listened to exactly what we needed. We’ve even incorporated a classroom in addition to our purpose-built operations and response unit.”

Richie Nicoll,


Bringing JESI Journey Management Technology to Scotland

With mobile working on the rise, safeguarding workers on the move is an ongoing challenge for employers. JESI Journey Management is an innovative software that allows companies to track employees as they work and commute between sites across the globe. The programme has a broad application from protecting remote forestry workers to tracking lone workers in the social care sector.

How does JESI work?

Staff can upload their itinerary to the JESI smartphone app specifying their mode of transport, planned departure and expected arrival times, all of which are then safeguarded by regular checkpoints.

“In short, JESI is an app on your phone. You can put in your movements and specify when you will be in each location. If you miss a check-in, you’ll receive a notification from JESI and if you don’t respond, this will automatically notify our 24-hour response team who will manage the escalation from there.”

Richie Nicoll,


Incorporating a Dedicated Emergency Response Unit

Because implementing the JESI system requires a response team to be on call 24 hours a day, Richie worked closely with the Heathhall team to develop a purpose-built operations unit. From this new central hub, the team will be on call 24/7 to manage escalations flagged by the JESI system and monitor the company’s vehicle tracking systems.

A Community Hub for Learning

Richie came to Heathhall looking for business premises diverse enough to accommodate on-site training alongside his response and operations unit. By incorporating a purpose-built classroom equipped with seating for 12 people and a wi-fi ready 50 inch TV display, GalloGlas are ready to welcome visiting instructors and students to their range of driver training and health and safety courses.

“The classroom in our new unit is perfect because we offer a range of courses combining practical skills training with classroom-based learning. We’re also keen for local charities and community organisations to make use of [the classroom] when it’s not in use.”

Richie Nicoll,


GalloGlas offers intensive new driver courses, advanced Defensive Driving Training and specialist workplace health and safety training. Their 5-day medical training course will address a combination of the MYRA and FREC syllabuses with practical and theory components all delivered on site by a specialist medical trainer.


Next Steps for GalloGlas

Shaping the Future of Driver Training

Next year, GalloGlas will launch an innovative new driver training course. The course will utilise vehicle telematics software and dash cameras to add another aspect of analysis to driver training. GalloGlas’ new classroom area will allow both practical skills and driver theory to be taught in-house.

“Telematics will pick up if you corner too quickly, are too harsh when accelerating or braking. The instructor can then go back and cross-reference this data with the dashcam.”

Richie Nicoll,


Drivers returning for Defensive Driver Training can benefit from a course tailored to their individual needs. Data from their in-car telematics system can be analysed and used to structure the next phase of training. In contrast to the standard ‘one size fits all’ approach to training, the telematics data highlights specific areas where individual drivers can improve.

The affordable package will focus on making driving safer and more accessible for learners, as well as bringing down insurance premiums for new drivers.

Growing the Team

With the purpose-built response unit now in place, Richie plans to add four permanent operations staff to his in-house team. He’ll also be looking to work with local B&Bs to accommodate students attending GalloGlas courses at Heathhall.