Along with Heathhall Business Centre, local residents and business owners in Heathhall are joining forces to persuade Dumfries & Galloway Council and Stagecoach, to put Heathhall Industrial Estate on a public bus route and help not only people get to their place of work, but customers access these valuable local services.

Sign Our Petition

The team at Heathhall Business Centre have already won the support of, Oliver Mundell, MSP in their campaign to bring a desperately needed bus stop to Heathhall.  An online petition has been established on to help us campaign for Heathhall to get a much-needed bus stop.

The growing business hub is now home to a community of over 50 local companies and attracts a mix of trade and retail shoppers from across the UK. However, without a bus stop in the area, businesses are missing out on local trade from nearby towns like Dumfries, which is only 10 minutes away. The bus stop would also benefit the local community in Heathhall by reducing congestion and pollution, and enable staff and visitors to travel to the business centre from the surrounding areas without a car.

Charlotte Briere-Edney, from ITV Borders has been finding out more about our campaign and speaking to those involved.

Where We Are in the Campaign

Local MSP Oliver Mundell and Ivor Hyslop of Dumfries and Galloway Council have both shown support for the campaign. Their comments prove how important it is that local authorities support employment generating areas of Dumfries. Improved transport links will not only provide those who work at Heathhall an easier commute, it will also allow the general public to access the services available.

Heathhall Bus Stop Campaign with Oliver Mundell MSP
Oliver Mundell, MSP, Anna Walden, Site Manager & Alister Jack, MP

We have contacted Stagecoach to investigate whether additional bus links could be added to existing services, which already visit locations around the Heathhall Industrial Estate. In addition to this, we have petitioned Dumfries & Galloway Council to investigate pre-existing routes in the Heathhall area operated by SWestrans, Stagecoach and Houston’s services.