All of our workspaces come with free, high speed broadband access

Are you looking for a commercial property to let in Dumfries? If so, then we have the right solution for you.

Heathhall Business Centre Ltd is committed to supporting the development of new and small businesses in Dumfries.  There is a wide variety of commercial properties and storage units available to rent on the estate.  From small office spaces to retail or light industrial units, business space at Heathhall Business Centre is flexible and affordable.  Heathhall Business Centre offers both new and established businesses the opportunity to locate their operations in one of South West Scotland’s most active business hubs.

We are the prime location in Dumfries for both start-up businesses and established ones alike. Our central location offers easy access to both Dumfries and the A75 ring road, and locally there are all the support services and amenities your business needs to thrive.  We offer flexible working environments to help you concentrate on running your business.

Significant capital investment has been made to infrastructure improvements and the refurbishment of the commercial properties at Heathhall.  To further cement our commitment to supporting both start-up and established businesses is our partnership with relevant authorities to bring high-speed broadband to the estate in 2017.

If you are not sure what type of commercial property is best suited to you and your business’ needs, please feel free to visit or call our management team.  We understand every business is different and will offer expert advice on the best possible business space solution for you.