Jim Dalziel is one of the longest running businesses in Heathhall Business Centre. Covering all aspects of plumbing, heating, pipework and drainage, Jim has been operating from his unit in Tinwald Downs Road since 1981. You could say that he has been ‘going with the flow’ for nearly forty years – and this makes him a very interesting person to speak to!

Jim Dalziel Plumbing & Heating – Going With The Flow Since 1981

When Jim and his Dad first took on Unit 208, the entire Heathhall estate was in a fairly run-down condition. Little had happened there since its old airfield days so most of the buildings were in poor shape and unfit for renting. Things were changing though and, after doing some work for a local solicitor, the family business was alerted to the possibility of taking on the unit at Heathhall.

This was the 1980’s so bank cards and direct debits were still some way in the future! The rent was paid in cash to a solicitor who called round to collect it. At that time, Jim recalls that there may only have been four other tenants including a blacksmith and a car parts/ salvage business. In fact, those were just the registered tenants! In later years, it transpired that there were several other businesses that had quietly set up without permission; squatters and sub-letters who had moved in and who were happily trading, rent free, from various old buildings.

How things have changed

Since setting up, Jim has watched the old Heathhall airfield become what it is today; a diverse estate with a wide variety of businesses. It’s not just the industrial changes that he has witnessed either. He has been present during demolitions, tree clearing, re-buildings, removal of airfield towers and the re-routing of the roads into, and through, the estate. More dramatically, Jim witnessed a major fire that engulfed some of the buildings in 1989.

Having been there for 37 years, it is clear that the location suits him. Unit 208 is the first building that visitors pass when they enter the estate from the Catherinefield Road side. From this base, Jim and his seven staff cover all of Dumfries. In addition to his domestic plumbing and heating work, the business also does contract work for other organisations that are based all over the region.

The company ‘Jim Dalziel Plumbing & Heating’ lives expertly up to its name but there is one job that Jim would like to get his hands on! That is, to get the town fountain running the way it used to. You may not know this but, for many years, it was Jim’s job to switch the High Street fountain on and off. This beautiful monument was unveiled in 1882 so Jim stresses that it was someone else’s job to maintain it for the first 100 years! Eventually it did pass to him though. Every Spring he would switch the water on and then switch it back off before Winter set in. The pump would be stored during cold weather before being brought back out again the following year. Jim was also responsible for changing the original lead pipes to copper; and in later years, he converted the copper pipes to plastic.

It seems that the town fountain only works intermittently these days but, if the powers that be are reading this, Jim says he is happy to sort it free of charge!

Looking to the future

In the meantime, he remains a busy man. Unsurprisingly, most of his business comes from word of mouth. As a long established company, Jim and his staff have a well-earned reputation and they offer the assurance of over thirty years experience plus professional registrations with SNIPEF and Gas Safe.

If you need any sort of plumbing & heating you can be sure that Jim is a man who knows what he’s talking about. You can contact him on 01387 733125, or on his website at http://www.jimdalzielplumbing.co.uk/