Business Hardship Fund

Katy Coltart - 27th October 2020

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have faced many hardships, stresses and setbacks. With restrictions changing constantly it has left a lot of people not knowing if or when they can open and once opened, everything changes again! New Funding Luckily in Scotland, supporting businesses has been one of the top priorities of the government. Dumfries…

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Covid-19 Support for Business in Scotland

Katy Coltart - 12th May 2020

The right Covid-19 business support,  at the right time,  is vital. These are difficult and strange times for everyone, everywhere – and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt for years to come, of that there is no doubt. In today’s news, the Bank of England warns that we’re facing the deepest recession on…

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