Coronavirus and Self-Storage

Katy Coltart - 18th March 2020

At time of writing – 17th March 2020 – the UK is in the ‘delay’ phase of the coronavirus management programme. it’s business as usual here at Heathhall Business Centre, but with a caveat: NHS guidance and government advice is changing not just daily but hourly – and we’re keeping a close eye on events…

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Calendar with dates - Heathhall Business Centre

What Do Leap Years Have To Do With Self Storage?

Katy Coltart - 29th January 2020

If you think January is a long month you’ll be pleased to hear it’s almost February at last! But there’s something different about this February – our trusty Heathhall Business Centre calendar tells us it has an extra day. Yes, 2020 is a leap year. Summer in February Why do we need leap years and…

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Self Storage Units Yellow Heathhall

Quality Assured at Dumfries Self Storage

Katy Coltart - 28th November 2019

Not all self storage businesses are the same.  Here at Dumfries Self Storage, we’re members of the Self Storage Association UK, which means we’ve been approved by THE self storage industry body in Europe. What does this mean for you? You’re assured of quality,  and rigorous assessment of our facilities. There are a number of…

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Apps on Smartphone

Moving Home? There’s an App for That!

Katy Coltart - 31st July 2019

Even the most organised and orderly amongst us need a bit of help with motivation from time to time. Moving home can be a particularly stressful time, and although they haven’t yet invented the technology to take care of the whole shebang from start to finish, there are loads of free online tools and apps…

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Caravans & Motorhome stored Dumfries

Caravan Staycations In Dumfries & Galloway

Katy Coltart - 29th April 2019

As well as a vibrant community of businesses and modern, safe self storage options here at Heathhall Business Centre, we also provide caravan and mobile home storage. With the return of the warmer weather (fingers crossed!) it’s time to think about getting the much loved mobile home out of storage ready for another season of…

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Mel Carruthers More Organised . Dumfries Self Storage

More Organised And Dumfries Self Storage

Katy Coltart - 29th March 2019

Professional organiser Mel Carruthers owns the south of Scotland’s only professional decluttering and organising company, More Organised, based in Dumfries. As a member of industry body APDO (the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers), Mel is trained, insured and ready to help you declutter your stuff! Here she shares some tips on decluttering and explains…

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Dumfries Personal Self Storage

Money Saving Ideas For Student Holidays

Katy Coltart - 8th January 2019

Christmas is over, but Easter is just around the corner and it’ll be summer before we know it. Here at Heathhall Business Centre, we are all about helping students to get the most out of their holidays. We have been doing some forward planning towards making holidays as stress free and fun filled as possible…

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Moving Home with Dumfries Self Storage

On the Move? Removal Service in Dumfries

Katy Coltart - 24th April 2017

Think moving house has to be stressful? At Heathhall Business Centre we’ve got you covered. Take the pressure off by renting a personal storage unit or simply let us take care of the removals. We offer a comprehensive removal service in Dumfries and if you prefer to do it yourself, we’ll put you in touch…

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